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Understand Online Bitcoin Dice Game Principle And Strategies To Increase Your Winning Chances

Dice games have been played for centuries. Archeologists discovered the oldest dice in Iran, which are claimed to date back to 2,800 BC! Dices were used in board games, but have evolved to casino games. Advanced technology has offered brick and mortar casinos to move on the internet and today you will find dice games on online gambling platforms.

Today, the trending platforms for gambling are cryptocurrency casinos. Cryptocurrency is digital money without any physical presence like fiat currency. Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency introduced in 2009. It is still decentralized and not regulated. It offers benefits like low transaction fees, quick payments, anonymity, and security. Blockchain technology is used to mine bitcoins. It is an encryption technique that disallows hackers to hack even though all the transactions are transparent. Today, blockchain tech is used in myriads of industries including online casinos.

Users are finding the features of playing with bitcoins more and more appealing. They can play casino games from anywhere around the world even if they reside in countries that disapprove of gambling. There is no need for players to share their bank or any other sensitive details for gambling activities. Unlike banks, they don’t get rejection to deposit for gambling. Today, there are dozens of poker, casinos, and sportsbook establishments that approve crypto as a payment mode.

The first BTC licensed casino named was introduced in 2014. Netbet was the first licensed crypto casino in the UK that got launched in 2016. There was no look back for the crypto sector. The flow is gradual and consistent with several crypto casinos developing and creating a history. If you are a fan of dice games then check Bitone Core for reviews about the new websites. It is a review platform that offers a list of reliable crypto casinos you can sign up to have fun.

Bitcoin dice game concept

The concept of dice games is simple. Place a bit pick a number from the ones offered or use the slider. Winning odds are also represented. Therefore, while deciding consider how much are your chances of winning or losing. The system rolls the dice and you will win or lose depending on the game rule and outcome. Winnings multiply based on a predetermined factor before the dice are rolled.

Varieties of bitcoin dice games.

  • Craps and its different variations
  • Grand hazard
  • Hazard
  • Die rich
  • Under & over seven
  • Sic Bo
  • Chuck-A-Luck
  • Big Six
  • Banca Francesca
  • Klondike
  • Ricochet

Why is it said that Bitcoin Casinos offer provably fair game?

It is a system used in aggregation with Bitcoins. It offers proof that the site is not rigged and the roll’s outcome is genuine. They are achieved via Random Number Generator [RNG] system. Before rolls are made a key is added to the transaction, which is released the next day. This allows players to compare the two versions.

Are wallet transactions secure?

After you find a reliable and established Bitcoin casino, you will need a wallet address. A wallet is a place where your digital coins are stored, received, and transferred. You will make a deposit using your wallet address without a need for security input or other personal details. You are creating a loop from wallet address to online casino and back.

Bitcoin casino transactions are done anonymously, so the probable damage of stolen or misplacing confidential detail is not possible. The wallet service is designed to avert influence from outside. The transaction loop gets quickly and efficiently closed. With a wallet, you are completely secure even after you earn a huge winning.

How to play a bitcoin dice game strategically?

In bitcoin dice, the bet between 1 to 100 numbers are placed. What is at stake is whether the dice will roll under or over your position. It sounds easy but isn’t! Even if the rules are straightforward the winning odds dramatically change. If you bet on a position close to 50 the victory odds are high but the winning amount is small. On the other hand, wagering on long positions like number 6 is hard to win but if you do the winnings are huge. The art is to make the right wager and how will you do it?

Effective bitcoin dice game strategies

Martingale [if you enjoy beating odds]

In this strategy, you double the wager after each loss. The concept of doubling is simple —–if you win the next bet all the losses will be recovered along with a profit. It is appealing because you will recover your bankroll decisively and swiftly. To play Martingale strategy, consider your playing approach. A quick player needs fast moves and wins or loses are not so crucial. Alternatively, slow players will never prefer using Martingale as they are more conscious about the risks.

D’Alembert [if you are risk cautious but feel a winning intuition] 

It is similar to Martingale but the difference is in bet size or amount. The increase is by 1X. The aim is to offset some bankroll risk. It is a strategy for cautious players preferring to play a long game with multiple small bets. It is not a strategy for a too aggressive player with an approach to win at any cost.

Paroli [if you bet small but frequently]

Paroli’s strategy is designed to take advantage of the winning streaks. The player sets a base wager and doubles on each win until they attain three consecutive wins. It allows them to minimize defeats and maximize their winning streaks. Players with low-risk tolerance as well as a preference for systematic and deeper approaches welcome the Paroli strategy. The outcome of the rolls is random but Paroli offers the players a substantial amount of control.

Any type of bitcoin dice game strategy you choose, never forget the golden rule associated with gambling——have fun!

Important tips

  • Never steer away from a provably fair gambling site because it ensures you are participating in a fair game.
  • When you realize that you cannot afford to lose STOP! It is wise to have control and discipline on your budget plan.
  • Even when have won sufficiently STOP! Nonstop betting can snatch the earned fortunes, so control your greed!

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