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Top Benefits of an Omni-Channel Betting Strategy for the Online Gaming Business

Today’s digital natives have grown to expect seamless consumer experiences across all aspects of their lives. To match the expectations of the multi-connected modern player, the betting and gaming industry is now focusing its attentions on delivering a true omni-channel gaming experience for today’s players.

True omni-channel gaming means orchestrating the customer experience across all channels so that it’s seamless, integrated and consistent.

Omni-channel bet gaming offers players the best possible experience and operators an increasingly detailed view on player behaviours, not to mention the increased revenues that coherent marketing and conversion paths drive.

1) Industry experts predict that omni-channel strategies can bring up-to 30% increase in ARPU (average revenue per player).

2) Significantly reduced cost of acquisition driven by using land based gaming channels as a funnel to digital products, and vice-a-versa

3) Enhanced multi-channel and multi-device experience for today’s players.

4) Potentially huge revenue lifts.

5) Next generation product offerings offer a decisive competitive advantage.

6) Coherent marketing strategy that drives customers to digital and retail touchpoints.

7) Coherent conversion paths that fortify and enhance both retail and online betting channels.

8) Analytics of player preferences enhanced by the single player view.

9) Enhanced analytics increases customer retention and the effectiveness of promotions, with a much deeper understanding of customer behaviour

10) Cross channel and cross product play opens the door to incremental revenue increases.

11) More convenience for the player equals greater customer retention.


For more information about the business case for true omni-channel gaming, visit the OpenBet website. OpenBet have further established themselves as the leading omni-channel betting and online gaming software platform providers by signing a new 5 year deal to supply Sky Betting & Gaming with its online and mobile platforms.

Challenges in Delivering a True Omni-Channel Bet Gaming Experience

Implementing multi-channel coverage requires strong motivation and brings some unique challenges for the online bet gaming sector. Key challenges to consider include:

– Delivering a true multi-channel convergence strategy needs full buy-in at the very top levels of the boardroom.

– Operators need to carefully plan and skilfully execute a full multi-channel strategy that enhances rather than fragments their online and retail channels.

Key Features to Look for in Omni-Channel Betting Platforms

  • A single player view across all channels brings:

1 . increased operating efficiencies

2.  lower operating costs

3. an enhanced player experience

4. more analytics and player behaviour feedback.

– The platform should be multi-channel at the core and provide central data, session and compliance from a singular multi-channel view.

– A truly open platform that is able to integrate your choice of products, including all online and offline touchpoints.

– True flexibility and control over the product front.

– Tailored player experiences on each channel to maximise player engagement.

– Single back-office and admin view across all channels to lower operating costs.

– Data mining from external systems to tailor offerings and products on an individual player and market segment basis.

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