Real Money Mobile Games

Have you ever dreamed of making a dollar playing your favourite mobile game? That dream is now a reality, as real money mobile games have finaly arrived. PlayPay, a new mobile gaming company has just launched a series of real money mobile games. The company offers cash tournaments built into their games so players can compete against each other for real cash prizes.

“Its a fairly new concept” says Justin Graysmark, Founder and CEO. “Think of it like professional sports, but instead of competing physically on the field or court, you get to compete on your mobile device against other players around the world for real money.”

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The company have just teamed up with Skillz, a U.S based start up which brought the first platform for real-money gambling on mobile games, and its predicted to grow into a billion dollar industry. The great thing about betting on games of skill is that it is already legal in many countries, where as the casino-type games which allow online betting of chance are still awaiting legislation to legalize them. The way the tournaments work are simple. Two players each put in between one and ten dollars and the winner takes the pot. The number of players and the jackpots vary according to which tournament you choose to enter.
There is definately a growing trend in betting on games of skill and this might even overtake the already popular industry of betting on chance.People already love to compete on their mobile phones, why not make it just a little bit more interesting by adding a one dollar bet.

“Our aim is to revolutionize the world of mobile gaming” says Graysmark “By allowing players to get money out of a game instead of only putting money in”

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Carlos Leahy

Carlos Leahy