A safe bet – online scratch card games

Online scratch cards are a type of lotteries that are played by scratching the card to reveal the number or other prize value in the card. These types of scratch cards games in United Kingdom are permitted by National Lottery.


There are two types of online scratch card games

  • Web based online scratch card: These are most the common games found online.One can play directly on the company’s website without downloading any software.
  • Download based online scratch cards: To play these kinds of games the user has to download and install the software.

Aspects to consider before playing online scratch games

  • How does online scratch game works? : The number generators create a sequence of random numbers that are generated every micro second. The number that was hit by the player by pressing the buy button will decide the result of the game.
  • The visual aspect of the game: The visual effect of the game is determined by the gaming software. While playing it online, the marked area needs to be scratched off with the mouse by the player.
  • Winning probabilities of the game:To play this game no deposit is required and chances of winning is quite higher since there is no cost associated with playing this game online.
  • Scratch card jackpots online: Some of the online scratch games do offer jackpots at regular time intervals. The cost of purchasing a scratch card includes an amount that goes into the jackpot prize.

These are some of the features of online scratch card games online that one needs to understand before playing it. Below are some of the advantages of playing this game.

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Advantages of playing online scratch card games:

  • Online scratch card games are available in various themes: Different theme of online scratch card games is available online.The elements involved in these scratch card games are linked with the overall theme of the game.
  • Online scratch games are available in flash: All these games can be played online using flash player. The users can play this game from different operating systems using flash. If one is new to playing such lottery games online then this is a good way to start with.
  • Great Payouts: These games usually give out a great payout to the users. It can be played at a faster pace and users can buy multiple cards to play. Hence they can win more with more cards.
  • Availability: Playing online scratch card games is quite easy. There are many such games available online.
Sally Bruce

Sally Bruce