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The Best Online Tool For Picking Soccer Winners

There are quite a few online tools that claim they are able to help you pick winners, but they all want money or something in return…until now.

A Romanian man known as Cadar Marius came up with a way of picking soccer winners with an extremely high rate of success. He and his engineering team created a tool that uses soccer statistics to pick the next logical winner.

After a few years of him and his team using the tool to make a fortune, he decided to give it away for free so other people may use the tool too. He placed it on his soccer live score website as part of a tipping functionality.

Why Allow People To Use The Soccer Keep Tool For Free?

Think about it logically. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of websites and online tools that claim they can pick winners, but they all want money or subscriptions in return. Haven’t you ever asked yourself why people with genuine tools to pick winners would want money for it? Why not use their tools themselves and make a fortune? The online tools that ask for money are asking for it because the creators need it. They need money because their tipping and predicting tools do not work.

Cadar Marius and his engineering team created a tipping and predictive tool that works, and they used it for years. Now that they have made enough money from their tool, they are allowing people to use it for free.

There are no trial periods, no subscription fees, and no need to give any personal information. You don’t even have to give your name if you don’t want to. Signing up for an account is easy and quick, and once you do, you are able to use their tipping function on their live soccer scores website.

How Is The Tool Used?

Visit the website and sign into your account. Find the soccer match you would like to bet on. You can do this by using the search bar, or you may select the tab that says “All Matches” and search for the match.

Once you have found the match you want to bet on, click the “Tipping” button. It is a small button with a tick on it. The button is on the far right of the screen. If you hover your mouse cursor over it, the word “Tips” should appear.

The tips screen will tell you things such as:

+ Final result

+ Halftime result

+ Number of goals

+ Number of halftime goals

+ Both teams to score: Yes/no

+ Goal in both halves: Yes %

+ Team to score first

+ Minute of 1st goal

The tipping tool isn’t magical. It simply uses current and old soccer statistics to predict how a match is going to turn out. You would be surprised how often history repeats itself within the beautiful game.

What’s more impressive is the fact that the tool doesn’t use betting or gambling odds as part of its tipping process. So many online tipping tools use betting odds as a factor that they often end up agreeing with the bookies predictions, and bookies create false favorites all the time. The tool only uses soccer statistics, so its results are not skewered by a bookies’ agenda.

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