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La Primitiva Lottery: News And Past Winners

The lottery has been a tradition for many years, and for many people, it has paid out well. For these people, their lives have forever been changed by the lottery, whether it be for better or worse, the lottery has made an impact to their lives in many ways. There is no short supply of lotteries nationwide, in fact it is hard to go to most convenience stores without seeing several types of lottery games and contests. Lottery contests aren’t only limited to certain countries, instead many countries have been able to participate in the thrill of possibly winning the lottery, or in some cases, the whole jackpot. One of the most popular lottery services in Spain is La Primitiva, a lottery that has been drawing in Spain since 250 years ago.  This game has been popular in Spain, as well as many other countries, and the lottery has made several changes since its birth so long ago. It is actually one of the oldest lotteries in Spain, and it has also become one of the most recognizable in Spain. It is a favorite for many people, as the output values are very high, and people have better chances in this lottery than they do in many others. It has become a main lottery type within Spain, though it isn’t only accessible to Spain residents. With the internet emergence, many people can play this lottery globally, instead of only depending on local convenience stores like gas stations and gas marts.  Before anyone chooses to go online and play the Spanish La Primitiva Lottery for a huge jackpot they should look into the latest news, as well as knowing the past winners of the Primitiva Lottery, so that they get a better understanding on how it works.


What Is The Latest News?

La Primitiva, like many other lotteries, is frequently in the news. While the news are usually published in Spanish, La Primitivastill reaches other countries. Here are some of the recent news headlines that La Primitiva has been featured in.

1.  The Jackpot for La Primitiva Is At $31.4 Million- The current jackpot value for the lottery is now at $31.4 million USD, as of May 16, 2015. The current draw for the jackpot ends in four days, with the drawings usually taking place on Thursdays and Saturdays, every week. The lottery tickets are not only available in convenience stores, as they are also available on many websites on the internet. The jackpot has held a record jackpot of €72.6 million, which may be passed if the jackpot is continuously unclaimed.

2.  Second Largest Jackpot Is Claimed– The draw for February 19, 2015, saw a winner who would claim the second highest total in La Primitiva history. The win total was at 44 million euros, which is a little more than a half of the record jackpot. The jackpot was claimed by a man from Guargacho in Spain. The lucky numbers for this jackpot were 20-13-24-38-11-35, and the draw was performed in the Spain country.

Who Are The Past Winners?

Though the jackpot is approaching near its original record, there has been many lottery payouts within the last couple of months. With each Thursday or Saturday draw, multiple people win money from the draw, with the values differing between each winner. Some people have hit a good amount in the lottery, with many being able to come away with millions of dollars from the draw. Here are a couple of past winners who have won some prizes from the La Primitiva lottery.


1.  Winner for May 7, 2015- On May 7, 2015, many people were awarded for winning their share in the lottery drawing. Five successful “bets” were placed for a total of € 49,376.39, and 186 bets were successful for the value of € 2,875.86. The Joker amount was at 8,772,968e, for the draw. The draw occurred on a Thursday, and nobody was able to claim the jackpot honors. The winning numbers for the Thursday draw were 9-11-14-35-45-47, while the complementary number was at 27, and the refund number was at 3.

2.  Winners for May 16, 2015– On Saturday, May 16 2015, there were many bets that matched the drawn numbers. Though nobody got the highest jackpot, which is at 31.4 million USD, there were some claims for the second highest amount which was at € 23,121.00. There was a total of 11 successful bets that matched the draw. More successful bets were found for the third highest value, in which 159 bets were able to earn € 3,465.73. The winning numbers were 2-18-20-35-43-44, for the Saturday draw. The joker number was at 1,079,094, and the complementary was at 15, whilst the refund was at 2.

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