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GTbets- A Popular and Worthy Option for Rookie Gamblers

Game Tine Bets or commonly known as the GTbets is considered as one of the most recent and popular online gambling website available in the market these days. Launched in the year 2011, this prominent gambling portal received its license from Curacao. This gambling portal now accepts players from the United States, which has helped them become one of the most popular and prominent gambling portal, within a very short period of time.

Yet, if you have any confusion and in your mind about the organization, the following GTbets review can help you get a clear over view.

GT Bonuses:


One of the biggest reason behind such popularity of GTbets is their bonus offers that they provide each and every new gamer. They basically have two different types of bonus values- 50% and 100%. Hundred percent bonus values are for the individuals who aren’t regular. They need to deposit minimum 150$ to enjoy this facility.

The other 50% bonus value is for bigger layers who intent to have a deposit of about 300$ or even more in their account.

GTBets Promo Code:

Apart from this 50% and 100% bonus values, this organization has other things as well for their clients. You might have heard about promo codes, most websites come with this facility. If you look closely, you will find that every website has a box on the right hand side for the promo code. Well, most of the time they are useless. But in GTbets, promo codes are really helpful as they offer you 5%extra bonus on top of that 50%. This can be a great benefit for players, who have just started gambling with the site.

The prom code that you can actually use to raise your bonus value is ISEEWINNERS. Using this can be of real help. So, start browsing the official website of GTbets sportsbook today!

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