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Bitcoin Dice Gaming Strategies

In order to win, a number of Bitcoin dice players make use of various strategies. A few of these are given here.


This is a common betting progression. It does not decrease the wager on a win the way it is done in the Martingale method. Rather, it increases the wager after you win. There are many Bitcoin diceplayers who are using this method on sites likePrimedice. This way it doubles your wager after a win. And in case you lose, it will reset it back to your original wager. After 3 consecutive wins, you would be again going back to your original wager. This Paroli method is perfect for those gamblers who would like to opt for low risk, and are looking for small wins consistently. But this is still not a foolproof strategy. There can still be sudden losses even after doubling the bets or there may be loss streaks.

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There are many more Bitcoin dice gambling strategies used by gamblers that seem quite unique. One method involves betting your bankroll on 95% odds of winning and continually doing so till it is doubled. Once that happens, you stop. However, in case the gambler loses their bet, there would be nothing left to fall back upon.

Another gambling strategy is betting a hundredth of your bankroll. This is to be done 50 times on 1%. Now in case you win, you would be walking away with profit. But you may also lose all the 50 times. Then you bet the other 50% of your bankroll. This bet is supposed to return your original bankroll in case you win it.

Many players use a similar strategy. In this they bet the same amount, and this will be at the same odds over and over again. They continue with this till they end up with having more than what they started with. In fact, there are some dice sites which have a built-in feature that allows the automation of bets, in order to comply with this strategy.

But Bitcoin dice players do wonder if these common betting progressions are truly effective, and whether they need to consider using them. The fact remains that betting progressions are truly attractive. They promote themselves as “easy money” and are especially lucrative to new gamblers. But the key thing to remember here is that all gambling methods have their faults. There is no strategy that is fool-proof. It is just impossible to have a Bitcoin diceplaying strategy that can make you beat the house. This is because Bitcoin diceis a game of odds, and the odds of rolling a particular number will be demonstrated by statistical probability. A number of theories are there for determining odds when a pair of dice rolls. These theories range from highly unconventional methods that include guessing to common sense and then to statistics. It is always best to stick to common sense in order to make maximum profit out here.

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