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9 Online Casino Scams to Avoid Before They Happen

There are good online casinos, like the one to find in the Viva 9988 entrance. They are legal, licensed and recognized by casino authorities and organizations. But just like any other industries, there are scams that ruin the reputations of good ones and that give users a very bad experience making them not play (ever) again. Now to avoid scams before they could happen to you, read on and look for these red flags that indicate a bad web casino.


Most Common Online Casino Scams to Steer Clear From

  1. No pay: There are rogue websites that do not pay out at all. This is a warning sign you have to watch out for a potential fraud. So when you experience cash out delays, you are potentially dealing with a rogue site, which doesn’t have any plans of giving your money at all.
  2. Pending withdrawal period: It basically means that it takes some time, like a week, before a withdrawal could be paid. This is completely unacceptable for anyone and is a sign of potential scam because it might entice you to put the money back and lose it in playing.
  3. Unfair software: Joining the rising web casino industry is a team of black hat developers used by some bad operators. They’ll make you win a couple and then make you lose your entire bankroll in the end with unfair random number generator, as an example. To avoid this fraud, verify the reputation of the people behind the site as well as the team who’s developed their software.
  4. Account closure: Some of these thieves would close a member’s account all of a sudden, showing him or her some violated stipulations of the terms of service, which do not exist from the start.
  5. Withdrawal limit: A few of these sites would impose a weekly limit, dragging a player’s money out until the player starts playing again and eventually loses everything. While most casinos even good ones implement a withdrawal limit, such should not be extended to the point that is unacceptable and frustrating on the part of a member. After all, you want to enjoy your games and not to stress yourself about your money.
  6. Non-disclosure of important business information: When you visited a casino website, find information about their operation, their people and their location, among others.
  7. Bonus fraud in roulette: This is one of the problems facing legal casinos today. There are bad sites that burn players every day and they show no signs of slowing down. Remember, all casinos offer a welcome bonus to entice new players. However, these bonuses are aimed at slot players and never at roulette players. Some bad websites confiscate member bonuses before he or she could meet the terms that apply to get the roulette bonus, without also considering any of the money you deposited into your account.
  8. No terms and conditions: If you cannot find the T&Cs or they’ll not send it to you, you should avoid that online venue at all cost. A good casino as the one you will find when you make a Viva 9988 login is complete with its terms and conditions. It also has outlined banking options and rules as well as deposits and withdrawals info, meaning most important details that you have to know are stated and disclosed.
  9. Non-regulated: From the phrase itself, the casino isn’t controlled, meaning they might not be complying with game and industry standards.

Check out these signs and stay away from gambling websites where any of these is obvious. You should choose your gaming site well to avoid being scammed in the process. Select a reputable one like the Viva 9988 online. By far, it’s one decent website that comes complete with trust signals, exceptional service and top security for all players

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