Tips to beating a poker bot when playing poker99 online

Poker programmers and poker aficionados have come up with a range of software or bot to play poker online automatically without any human interaction with the goal of making money online. Poker bots have alarmed both the real players and the poker websites where the players think that they can never win against the computer program as the bots tend to outsmart their human thinking while the poker websites dread losing their cherished customers forever. The advent of poker bots is a loss for both the players and the website owners. When the players repeatedly lose at poker99, they tend to leave that website and this way the poker company loses a player. As it is rightly remarked that every problem has a solution and so there is a solution to this issue as well. A recent survey makes it clear that nearly 12% of the poker players have quit playing poker for they are afraid of so many poker bots. They rather opt to quit and leave the website than staking their hard-earned money against such computer-generated bots.

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A Poker bot is afterall a bot with lack of human emotion

We humans have emotion and reasoning power which the poker bots don’t have. You can exploit this weakness of the poker bot and gain an edge over it. If the poker bot becomes the victim of a serious beat, it won’t be angry. Human players have the following advantages when they play on a poker site:

  • They can use the codes generated by the website to know the deals, shuffles and outcome of a particular hand.
  • You may use such codes against the bot if you know how they work.

You already know that a poker bot is aware of the probabilities and statistics of the game that may prove dangerous for your bankroll. You can turn everything on your side or rather this disadvantage into an advantage. You can use computer-generated codes against the bots only knowing that the poker bot is governed solely by the game play with regards to the statistical analysis of the game. It can take decisions only on the basis of known pattern in a poker game. Use a counter-measure that online poker sites implement to detect and spoil the effort of the bot programmer. Moreover, the action of the poker bot can also be predicted for its skillset is confined to the statistical odds or the game probabilities. It is not using the reasoning power and intelligence to make the moves. You got to exploit this shortcoming.

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Follow the set pattern of the online poker site

It is possible to win over poker bot or a human opponent by following the set pattern implemented by a poker website. The one who is aware of that pattern is at an advantage. This pattern is also there in Alternatif Kingpoker99 or whatever poker game you play. This sort of pattern is actually algorithm pattern or a sequential algorithm.

If you recognise the pattern used by an online poker site, you can easily win at a poker game. It is quite simple to understand and learn them.

Nicole Salazar

Nicole Salazar