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The Changing Face of Bingo Over the years

It may surprise you to hear that the game of bingo has been played, in some form or another, since the 1500s. That’s right, the first game was played nearly half a millennium ago, and the chances are that the inventor did not expect it to still be hugely popular as we move further into the 21st century!

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Humble Italian Beginnings

Back to the sixteenth century, the earliest games of bingo were enjoyed in the backstreets of Italy. It was first introduced by the government, in the hope of raising some money without passing on a tax increase to society. Following its birth, bingo was known as “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”, and punters would pay to enjoy the relaxing pastime on Sundays.

Spreading Throughout Europe

During the two centuries following the games introduction, it gradually made its way throughout Europe. The word of the success that the Italian government experienced in raising money quickly spread across the borders, and before long, the French and German were getting involved. The French’s version was called ‘Le Lotto’ and in Germany, the game was primarily used to help educate children in mathematics and other subject areas.

Finally Reaches British Shores

Although bingo is considered to be a British game today, it took two or three centuries before the British first started playing. Although there is no exact recorded year that bingo first reached British Isles, it is estimated that it happened at some point between 1700 and 1800. At first, bingo did not have the best reputation in Great Britain, and was only really enjoyed by those frequenting what you might call ‘dodgy’ bars. This is surprising when you compare this perception to that of the Europeans, where bingo was very highly regarded.

Bingo Crosses the Atlantic

The next major notable point in the history of the game was when Edwin Lowe introduced it to America. This happened in 1929 and the game, then referred to as ‘Beano’, was instantly hugely popular on the East coast. Edwin Lowe decided to rename the American version of the game Beano due to the beans that were used to mark off the cards.

My Lowe soon partnered up with Carl Leffler, and the game continued to evolve and grow in popularity. Apparently, the game finally got its current name of ‘Bingo’ when a player accidentally shouted it out, instead of Beano.

The Internet Changed Everything

Although the name has changed a fair few times over the course of the game’s history, the format has remained much the same – until the turn of the 21st century. The rise of the internet paved the way for online gaming to prosper, and the popularity of bingo has now reached levels far beyond ever before. There are now literally hundreds of top bingo sites for you to choose from, which allow you to play from the comfort of your own home. No longer do players need to head down to an actual bingo hall to play again. Things just got a lot more convenient!


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