Play 4d games online and enjoy winning

4d games are one of the popular games in Malaysia. It is simplest betting game which you can enjoy at online casino Malaysia. You have to follow the following steps to play the 4d games:

  • You are required to pick a 4 digit number. You can even let your computer to pick the 4 digit number on your behalf.
  • You have to select whether you want to play the big forecast, small forecast or the both.
  • For each forecast you have to make a different bet. Thus, select the amount of money which you want to bet on each forecast.

winning online

Select the forecast for 4D game

For playing 4D games you are required to select the forecast.

Big forecasts for 4D game

This type of forecast increases the possibility of winning the price.  There are more categories and winning number to match so your chances of winning the prize is also increased. You can win prize for first, second and third position and also special prize and consolation prize after winning 4D result.

Small forecast for 4D games

When you select the small forecast, your winning possibility is lowered as there are less number of categories and the numbers to be matched.  In this, you will get prize for first, second and third position.

Download the 4D game

There are many gaming websites in Malaysia which offer 4D games to download for the android or iOS Smartphone or windows/iOS computer. You do not have to login or register. You can simply download it on your device and enjoy playing it.

Marcy Geist

Marcy Geist