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How to play Black jack and craps

Craps and black jack are among the most played games in casinos today; online and inland casinos. Black jack is played with one or a deck of 52 cards whereby a player plays against a dealer while craps is played by rolling a dice.

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How to play black jack

 The game involves very easy steps. Here is what you should know on how to play black jack. The play begins when the player places a bet. The player and then dealer are then handed two cards; the players cards are facedown while one of the dealers card is face up the other one being facedown. The players now have several options to chose from; to hit by taking another card to increase the chances of getting the required 21, to stand by opting not to draw anymore cards in believe that the present cards will beat the dealer, double down this is by doubling the original bet in order to get one extra card. Insurance is an option which is taken if the dealer’s card is an ace and can be taken for half the original bet.

Black jack is won when you beat the dealer in getting 21 points for your initial 2 cards with no blackjack for the dealer, by getting to the ultimate score greater than the dealer without going above 21 or by leaving the dealer to draw other cards till the hand exceeds 21.

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How to play craps

Craps on the other hand is played by rolling a dice betting against the outcome of the dice. You can learn how to play craps in just by knowing what it entails and what is required of you to play. One person, the shooter, rolls the dice and the other people may bet for or against the outcome. The player can place several bets on different parts of the layout; if a seven or an eleven is the outcome, that’s a win for the shooter, a two, three or twelve is a loose.

 If the shooter gets any other number, the puck will be turned, to show the white side making the beginning of the real game that shows if the player is going to win or lose. At this stage the rules change, 7 becomes the last number to be rolled on the dice. The shooter rolls the dice until a seven or a point comes out; if a point comes out before a seven then the shooter wins.

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