Bitcoin casinos are the future

Bitcoin or BTC is a form of digital currency. Bitcoins aren’t printed like Euros or Dollars, they’re produced by people and no one controls them. It is the first fast growing category/currency of money known as the cryptocurrency. You can use Bitcoins to buy things and services online or withdraw your Bitcoins on more and more Bitcoins ATMs that are popping up all over the world. Of course, you can also use Bitcoins to play at some online casinos. Keep in mind that not all casinos use Bitcoin as a currency so you might not find this deposit/withdrawal option at your current online casino.


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So why should you start using bitcoins? Like I said before this currency isn’t controlled by a bank or any other authority, which makes it almost impossible to trace, so your winning could stay well hidden from anybody trying to get a cut of your winning by taxing it. It so anonymous that it’s not even 100% sure that the man claiming to be the creator of bitcoin is really who he says he is. This makes it the online casino currency of the future and more and more casinos and players are switching to bitcoins to protect their winning and identity. Some of the bitcoin casinos even offer special promotions for players that decide to use this type of currency while playing at their online casinos.

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Sally Bruce

Sally Bruce