Tips to Count Cards

The game of blackjack is a famous casino game, it is as old as the casino. Card counting is a system that one needs to learn from an expert, but  this website offers a lot of information and resources about counting cards and winning at blackjack too.

The first card counting system was invented by someone named Edward Thorp, many card counting systems have been developed after this one. The initial system was used because it’s effective and easy. The main reason for counting cards is that it helps players gain a competitive edge.


The high-Low card counting system

Hi-Lo Count is the best known system nowadays. It was first documented in 1963. recommends the Hi-Lo system. They also offer a comparison of card counting system, so you can make an educated decision about which one works best for you. Mathematically, card counting is basically the opposite of “unconditional probability”. If you have seen the movie :”Back to the Future” then the principle of “conditional probability” is the Flux Capacitor of Card Counting. It’s the principle that allows card counting to be possible.

David Dye

David Dye