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Aristocrat is one of the best known poker game in the casino industry. They have supplied lots of classic slots and other titles to companies in Australia and Las Vegas. Thousands of players from all over the world have enjoyed playing the game with the combination of graphics and game play. Playing pokies are banned in Western Australia,  but you can play a big range of Australian style pokies  through online. All the games available online will have the features, you can expect to find playing in poker machines. Online Pokies Australia is available with interesting features such as no registration need to play, no download needed and have unlimited free credits. You can play the game instantly in your web browser and play poker, as long as you like.


Play pokies for real money

In Australia the video slot machines are known as pokies and most of the games available online offers a bonus with free spins. A gamble option will also be available where you can double up your wins. All the games available online can be played for real money. Search for top poker websites to play online pokies real money. The most important thing to be kept in mind is while playing pokies, they have a payout percentage of less than 100%. Any gambling game which has payout less than 100% means, you have the chance of losing all of your money if you pay for longer time. Keep in mind that every spin is random and each spin has the same shot winning the jackpot. This means that even if you lost a game for a long period, there is no guarantee the game will start paying you out. To win a game you have to press the right row of images on the pay line and the amount of your winning depends on the images.

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If you have ever wanted to win big online, chances are that you already know the Mega Moolah slot. One of the most interesting premises in online gambling today, the Mega Moolah slot takes a number of different slot games from Microgaming and combines them into a single Mega Moolah jackpot.

The Millionaire Maker…

Known as the millionaire maker, the Mega Moolah progressive slot network has paid out over $500 million USD to lucky players around the world and continues to make millionaires each and every month – will you be the next to make some mega moolah playing this awesome progressive slot machine?

Learn more about the huge payouts and lucky winners of the Mega Moolah progressive slots network by visiting our Mega Moolah dedication page – simple CLICK HERE to learn where and how you can play the most popular progressive slots game online and find out the latest big winners from around the world

How The Jackpot Gets Started

By playing the Mega Moolah slot game, you have a chance to win one of the four different progressive jackpots. The player’s stakes are constantly feeding the value of these jackpots. As a result, the jackpots are continually growing until one lucky player wins the respective jackpot.

How To Win The Jackpot

 You have a chance of winning one of its four progressive jackpots, at any number of coins, any number of paylines, and any stake level. Because the stakes of the players at these Microgaming casinos are constantly feeding the Mega Moolah slot, it means that the jackpot is only going to increase in value until it finally drops to some lucky player. You could have the Mega Moolah Bonus game awarded to you at the end of every single spin that you make. It does not matter how much you wagered, you always have a chance at the Mega Moolah slot.

If you do get the bonus feature, all you have to do is look at the large wheel and click on the Spin button in order to set it into motion. The different colours on the wheel are going to correlate to how much you are able to win. Just imagine entering for next to nothing and walking away with millions – it is possible with the Mega Moolah slot.

Where The Mega Moolah Slot Shines

No player enjoys having to bet crazy amounts just to have a chance to win more than a few dollars. That is where the Mega Moolah slot really does shine, because as mentioned before, you always have a chance. Even if you are not going to try to spend a great deal of money with your wagers, you have a chance at the jackpot.

 Just Imagine It….

Just imagine winning millions in just a few seconds – that is the reality when playing with a Mega Moolah slot. You do not need to worry about bills, you do not need to worry about debts, it is a literal life changer that you are not able to enjoy anywhere else. That is perhaps the greatest draw that the Mega Moolah slot has to offer to prospective players.

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Online betting is getting significant popularity in countries where betting is legal. Online betting through online betting websites has become quite common and gives people the opportunity to place bet on sporting events. Online betting on different sports is quite suitable for those who know every sport from inside out and can predict accurate results regarding the outcome of the sports match.

Online betting is similar to gambling and here the difference is that only knowledgeable persons take part in the betting process. Online betting is quite handy in giving real income opportunities to people through placing bets. For online betting you should only select the most reliable and suitable website that gives surety and safety in dealing with bets and income. One such betting site is bet365; this one is most popular betting site and is popular all over the world. Anyone who wants to start with sports betting should consider bet365 and for this purpose going through Bet365 Review can help you significantly in understanding the processes involved in online betting.


Process for online betting through online betting websites-

Make an account – The first step is the signing up process. Once you have signed up with the website you can place your bet on any sport that you have interest in and can create sufficient income opportunities for yourself. Once you have created an account you need to credit your account safe and secure.

Placing the bet– once you have credited the amount now you can place your bet on any sporting event going around the world. For placing the bet you should have proper knowledge of the odds in favour of your bet and you should always place the bet on the most suitable team that is favored to win the competition. Placing the bet online with online betting sites is quite convenient and safe and gives one the real opportunity to earn decent income.

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With advent of online casinos playing games to make real money has become quite easy and relaxing. Online casinos give the user to play casino games from the comfort of his desired place. Online casinos are getting popular with each passing day and their significance can be measured by the fact that online casino platforms enjoy more traffic than real casinos.

 Online casino platforms are getting popular worldwide due to their reach in areas where casino games and gambling is illegal and their fair and reliable money making opportunities. One such casino platform which is quite popular in Malaysia is SCR888. This online platform is available on computer as well as mobile platform and gives the user the opportunity to play different variety of games using the similar platform. The software is quite user friendly and can be downloaded on android or windows to play online games hassle free and conveniently.

casino online vip

Benefits of playing casino games through virtual platforms in comparison to real world casino houses

  • Playing online casino games give the player the opportunity to play any game at any time without having to wait for anyone. Online, the player gets the opportunity to learn while playing and the player can play with less amount of money which is not feasible when playing games in a real casino.
  • There are different online gaming platforms which provide bonuses and extra points to user who are frequent visitors. One example of this is 12Win gaming platform that gives its user bonuses on every weekend to enjoy and play game with some extra money.
  • Online casino platforms in Malaysia are coming in numbers and their availability gives the player the opportunity to indulge in casino games more frequently or on regular basis.
  • Online casino games through online gaming platforms are safe, convenient and easy to play. Once you login, you need to deposit money in your wallet for the amount you want to play. You can play for the time period you like and can withdraw when you feel the need to.
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In Malaysia online gambling is becoming quite popular with the passage of the time due to the comfort the players enjoy of playing from anywhere. The online casinos offer a wide range of games including betting and lottery. You can opt for UEFA Euro 2016 bet for enhancing the gaming experience. The best part is that these online casinos are open all round the clock, thus you can play and enjoy as and when you want.

Enjoy the ambiance of the real casino with live casino

If you want to enjoy the ambiance of the casino in your house, then live casinos are the option for you. If you opt for playing games via live casino games, then you will be able to see and interact with the other players available in the casino as well as with the table men. You can opt for making the alcohol set up at your home and can enjoy the ambiance of the real casino.


Opt for a secure site

If you are new to online casinos, then at first you need to search the website that offers for easy and secure method of transfer of fund. Remember that you will deposit money for playing and you will get the win amount, so ensure that the site has a secure payment and refund gateway. In addition to this it is advisable to check the review and rating of the Online casino Malaysia at which you are online to play, in order to know about the services of the casino.

Get a support as and when you need

The best part of the online casinos is that they also provide for customer supports. So, in case as a newbie you are facing issue in signing up or playing the games, betting etc. then you can get in touch with customer support officer and can know the guideline.

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America’s all time favorite sports bar and restaurant chain, Bar Louie has decided to expand across continent and chose Asia as its first overseas franchise venture. A huge Asian restaurant conglomerate will bring the popular American resto bar in Vietnam and will be an additional feature to the five star Hotel and Casino, Melia Hanoi.

Bar Louie, is an American owned modern casual dining bar and restaurant which operated way back 1991 and has quickly spread all over the United States. According to the latest report, it boasts of over 100 restaurants both franchise and corporate owned.  Most of them are usually found in malls and hotels. The company plans to expand rapidly with 100 additional new corporate and 100 new franchise locations in the next five years. Their move to open in Asia is just the beginning of penetrating other countries and part of their long term future plan to establish the business not only in America but all over the world.


Customers of Bar Louie like the neighborhood atmosphere of the bar. It is a cozy place to have fun chilling with friends and family, socialize with other people and enjoy watching a sporting event with the rest of the crowd. They offer hand-crafted cocktails and spirits, scrumptious food of different variety and a contemporary, posh but relaxed ambiance.

This coming July of 2016, Bar Louie’s very first Asian location will be launched in Melia Hanoi Hotel and Casino. The bar will be located inside the hotel’s luxury Stardust E-gaming G Club, the greatest attraction at Melia Hanoi and also the biggest gaming club in the city. Gamblers as well as other visitors have a new reason to frequent the hotel. Bar Louie will definitely be a bonus to casino goers as they can savor the delectable menu of the bar before heading off to play or reward themselves and unwind after a stressful game.

VIP members of Stardust will have VIP complimentary welcome drinks to Bar Louie every time they will visit the bar while regular members may use their reward points to avail free cocktails or food from the bar.

Regular member s can upgrade to VIP by earning at least 1000 points for consecutive 6 months. To check your points, access download gclub online or go to Stardust’s website for more information regarding Stardust E-Gaming Club membership and other casino related information.

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The betting market in Australia is rapidly developing its position as one of the top betting markets globally. Sports and racing enthusiasts benefit a great deal from betting on their favorite competitors, all the while enjoying their favorite game. This has caused an enormous growth in the number of online betting websites that operate a number of betting offers and markets to give their punters a hell of a betting experience. The most popular betting websites extend great features, generous betting offers and safe transactions to their members, and we have reviewed the best betting sites in Australia so you know where to get the best betting experience and more importantly where you can find the best odds, margins and of course the best bets online

Sportsbet – The Ultimate Footy Tipping Comp… but is that it?

Well I can get straight to the point and say no that is most certainly and definitely not it – with the Sportsbet online bookmaker being one of if not the most popular and trusted online sports betting website in Australia. They have also taken their role as a leader in the online bookmaker field to the next level by providing what is arguably the richest Footy Tipping competition in history – with 1 million dollars up for grabs. And they’ll be doing it all again in 2017!

Easily the most popular and familiar betting website, Sportsbet has a reputation for offering the best betting offers and features to its members. It has an extensive betting market that attracts both sports and racing devotees. The website offers a 100$ sign up bonus bet offer for first time members. The same bonus bet deal is extended to a member for referring a friend to gaining membership with Sportsbet. The website is a well-known frontrunner in marketing great offers for some of the biggest sports event of the year.


One of the Best Betting Sites in Australia, is Sportsbet with many promotional features and offers

With regular features like Protest Payout and Justice Payouts, Sportsbet is all about dealing fair with its punters. On top of that, members can avail the Sportsbet cash card for accessing their winnings anytime, anywhere via an ATM.

Ladbrokes – Is This Online Bookmaker as Good to Us Aussies as it is the Pommes?

Ladbrokes is a still newer addition among the best betting sites in Australia but is nevertheless, a top contender in popularity among Australian punters. Its parent company is Ladbrokes UK which is one of the biggest bookmaking agencies globally. The betting environment provided at Ladbrokes is one a kind, with distinct features like Ladbrokes Visa ATM card that has all the functions of an ATM card with access to transaction and withdrawals anytime and anywhere.


With headliners like Ladbrokes ATM card and great betting offers, Ladbrokes is one of the best betting sites in Australia

Ladbrokes is reputable among punters because of its other distinct attractions such as the Odds Boost feature that adds odds to the account with the midnight top ups, and Pick Your Own Odds feature that allows punters to select the marine of their possible winnings and bet on that margin.

Luxbet Sports Betting Online – An Aussie Review

As a subsidiary of one of the oldest and most experienced sports betting company Tabcorp Holdings Limited, Luxbet has a favorable prominence among Australian punters because of its attractive offers and features.


With hefty first deposit bonuses, Luxbet has emerged a one of the Best Betting Sites in Australia

Luxbet offers one of the highest first deposit bonuses for sign up, which has effectively drawn many punters to its site. Its online betting profile extends a great deal of features for its members, such as credit betting and ClubXtra which allows its members to win an additional 12% bonus for placing bets on horses that are owned or trained by them.

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You would come across a number of websites that have been listed online and offering a game of online pokies. However, you would be required to make sure that the listed websites have been thoroughly checked in order to have a convenient playing session. Moreover, you would be safe when playing pokies online. One such website has been the au-pokiesonline.com.

Find below a list of aspects that should be kept in mind for websites offering to play pokies online. You might not be considering some of these aspects presently. However, while looking for a good website offering Australia pokies, you would see how important they have become to enjoy yourself and stay safe.


Things to look out for

You would be required to look out for the number of games available. You should ask how many different types of online pokies and casino games would be offered to you by the website. The quality of the game is also of high importance. As a result, you would look forward to have brightest colours and realistic feel when playing online pokies. As it has become a common feature with several other online poker websites, you should be offered a welcome bonus. You should be offered free cash bonus, when you sign up with the potential website. One imperative thing that you would be required to consider would be the payout rate. It would matter, especially when you are interested in winning money while playing online pokies. The progressive jackpots along with other bonuses would help you make plenty of money while making the most of the feeling of playing the game.

Lastly, customer support service would be of utmost importance when playing with a potential website. The quality and efficiency of the website’s support service would help you determine how quickly your questions would be answered and your problems would be sorted out.

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Online casino games are gaining tremendous popularity in recent times. Due to their widespread reach and availability on many platforms online casino games have become the latest thing of recreation among masses. Casino games until recently were only available to people who visited casinos personally to play games, but with emergence of online casinos almost any individual with a significant amount of money can enjoy games through online casino.

The country of Malaysia is popular for its casinos and online casinos here are quite a popular form of leisure here. There are many renowned casinos which have gone digital mode to provide their gaming facilities the online mode. One such gaming software is 12win casino game which provides an array of latest casino games which provides you with real time experience to you. You can download this software on desktop or mobile and can enjoy seamless gaming

The types of games in online casinos –

Blackjack – it is one of the most popular and played game in online casino. Blackjack is one game which provides the highest odds of winning to a player. This game is quite popular all over Malaysia and gives the user a seamless and user friendly experience.

European Roulette– it is a game which involves the application of strategy while having luck. This game consists of a wheel which contains some numbers in sequential form and you can place your bet on the number when the wheel is rotated. The number on which the ball is placed at the last determines the winner.

Online casinos are getting popular by day and you can register easily on Newtown Casino and play these games online. Online casino games provide the user with different experience of playing the casino games by giving you rich and user friendly experience. You can almost win any amount playing online casino games with ease and enjoyment at once.

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In today’s world, there is ever increasing growth of casino industries. In Malaysia, the most popular pastime of people is to play casino games especially the latest 4d lottery games. Near about 53% people in Malaysia participate in lottery games. In 4d lottery, you can place bets on four digit number between 0000 and 9999. After setting the bet, you have to wait for the results. From different 4d players, randomly some are chosen as the winners. This game is all about luck and prediction.

The latest 4d lottery game is the most favorite game of the gambling lovers nowadays. It is an amazing and interesting game in which gamblers select any four digit numbers between 0000 and 9999 and then they put money on these numbers only. As a result if they win the lottery they get the lottery prize. Though it is very risky but still is the best pastime for gambling lovers. Ramalan 4D hari ini is very popular among gambling lovers.

Online lottery

Nowadays, there are many online casinos that provide the ease of playing casino games by sitting at your place only. Online casino is an asset for the gambling lovers all over the world. These online casinos offer best lottery games to play. Most of the people now prefer to play 4d lottery online. While playing 4D lottery online they can check 4D past result and accordingly predict the number. You need not to go anywhere far away to play lottery games as you can now play it online being residing at your home only. The best part of online casinos is that you can play casino games for free. You need not to spend your money on traveling to find a casino and you need not pay huge amount to play casino games.

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