Today football betting is one of the famous gambling available and afb88 is one such service provider that allows you to bet on football. If you want to know about football betting here are 3 tips on how to do it properly.

Dig into the team’s history before placing bets

If you are betting on a particular football team look at their history before you place your bets, see their skills in offence and defense. Get busy and find out how they managed to win the past games. Did they win by chance or by their skill? If you can find out details about each player of the team you plan to bet too.

Champions will not be champions forever

Just because that particular football team you like won 10 tournaments in a row doesn’t mean that they will win the 11th too. There is of course a chance but it could be wrong also. Everyone is human and things change with time. Even the beginner’s skills improve a lot with time and practice so be cautious if you are going to bet on the same team.

Do not get limited to one bookmarker

In betting there will be a significant brand loyalty and the companies will want to keep you betting only with them. They will try to scare you and show you that if you go to another site or other people you will lose loads of money and intimidate you but remember never think twice to push to shop around & do some research. Pick a new bookmarker if you have to. Actually its better if you sign up with a few different sites to begin with then you can get a lot of benefits in terms of bonuses and such. You can also have instant access to two or three different sites during every game.

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The thing with game poker online is that it can make you ruin your winnings of weeks and months in just a few bad sessions. Even the most seasoned poker players at times can end up running out of balance. Just the fact that a person is a winner in real world poker does not mean he is going to be a winner in the online poker also.

Here are a few strategies for you to use in order to save your bank roll.

  • Play Within Your Roll

In online poker games, it is safe to say that it is your bankroll against the roll of the rest of the world. Your chances of up against the odds of the rest of the world. So as a rule of thumb you should ideally play with only 5% of your total roll on a table. You bring this number down to as low as 1% per table.

  • Do Not Monitor Your Balance

If you are playing with only 5% of your bankroll at a table, then checking the balance can encourage you to raise the stakes. You might get carried away and feel that you still have enough with you. Secondly, if you see that you have win some decent amount you again might get carried away and make a wrong move bringing your winnings down drastically.

  • Play Seriously

When money is involved, poker does not remain just a hobby but becomes a serious game. So do not play out of boredom. Reduce the amount of distractions when you are playing so that you can think and strategize better. Remember every session, every pot, and every decision matters in the game. The more money you lose due to mistakes, the harder it will be to make profit.


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